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Heavenly Nails offers a complete menu of eyelash services that will give you the luscious lashes that you desire.

Why Get Fake Eyelashes at Heavenly Nails?

Beautiful lashes are just a ‘blink’ away.

Bai Por False Eyelashes Close Up Eye Open

Our skilled aestheticians are dedicated to providing you with beautiful, natural looking eyelashes in the style and thickness you prefer.  We use only top quality materials from international brands and provide a relaxing service in a clean and quiet environment.

Our Staff

The skilled eyelash technicians at Heavenly Nails have travelled far to undergo rigorous hours of advanced training and examination by trainers from Singapore and Taiwan.  Not only are they certified to provide lash extensions of all types, they are also certified to teach under Oiche’s Global Lash Ambassador program.

Eyelash Products and Materials

Nice lashes aren’t cheap.  And cheap lashes aren’t nice.  

Oiche Eyelash Equipment

We exclusively use fake eyelash supplies from Oiche, a leading provider of professional faux eyelash products based in Singapore.  We only use Oiche’s silk eyelash extensions which have anti-bacterial properies.  Oiche’s adhesives are suitable for sensitive skin and none contain formaldehyde, a harmful chemical.

Our Eyelash Procedure

We begin cleaning your natural lashes with lukewarm water, removing any make up and natural oils.  After cleaning, we dry off your lashes and comb to separate.

Girl Getting Treatment at Heavenly Nails Service Image

We help you choose the right type of falsies taking into consideration the correct curl, eye shape enhancement, length, volume and thickness.  Generally, if you have short thin lashes, you are better off with shorter extensions.  Natural longer lashes can support longer extensions for a greater period of time.

Eyelash Selection

We cover the are under your eyes with a stick-on pad to protect your skin from lash adhesive.  We use collagen eye pads which help moisturize, rejuvenate and prevent wrinkles on the skin around your eyes.

Eyelash Treatment Bai Por Collagen Eye Pads

We attach extensions onto your natural lashes and not your skin.  We use the one-on-one method of eyelash extensions which means we never attach more than one false eyelash to a real eyelash.  This protects your natural lashes and extends the life of your fake lashes.  We leave a 1-2mm gap between false lashes to prevent eye irritation.  We always vary lash length to ensure a natural look.  We fill in gaps with short extensions and allow the false lashes to properly set.

Girl getting fake eyelash extensions at Heavenly Nails

Our Facilities

Heavenly Nails has a private, curtained-off area solely dedicated to eyelash treatments.  It is a quiet, clean, air conditioned space away from other customers.

Eyelash Area Heavenly Nails

The room has a soft bed and we can adjust the height and angle for maximum comfort.  We understand that lash treatments can take a while and so we do our best to make sure you have a pleasant and pampering experience.  We play gentle music in the background and offer aromatherapy at the same time.

Eyelash Menu

Here is a full list of lash services and prices at Heavenly Nails.

ServicePrice (Thai Baht)
3D Eyelash Extension1500
3D Eyelash Colored Extension1800
6D Eyelash Extension2000
Eyelash Refill1200
Eyelash Extension Removal400
Eyebrow Tinting200
Eyelash Tinting (Upper and Lower Lashes)300
Eyelash Lifting900


Why False Lashes?

Eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting.

Bai Por False Eyelashes Close Up Eyes Closed

Long, thick and lush eyelashes help you look good and feel good.  If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your lashes are the window frame that help accentuate your femininity.

After a little while, you can barely feel your fake eyelashes are there.  You can save money on mascara and false lashes makes you look like you’re already wearing eyeliner.  It can also save you time in the morning so you don’t need to spend time applying makeup before hurrying to work.

How long do eyelash extensions last?
Professionally applied fake eyelashes should last 4-6 weeks.  The false lashes will fall out as your natural lashes do.  However, it’s possible to maintain your lash extensions year round if you go for touch up appointments every 2-3 weeks.
Why get false eyelash done at a professional salon instead of at home?
The skin around your eyes is very sensitive. You risk getting adhesive in your eyes if you’re not experienced.  You can also cause eye irritation and infection if the lashes aren’t properly applied.  You’ll probably save your self a lot of time and frustration by going to a professional.  A procedure that might take a professional eyelash technical an hour might take you up to 3 hours.

False Eyelashes
Service Type
False Eyelashes
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Heavenly Nails,
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Telephone No.+66 063 789 9899
Chiang Mai
3D Eyelash Extensions, 3D Colored Lashes, Lash Refills, Fake Eyelash Removal

Dear friends and lovely customers,

With the COVID 19 pandemic, we’ve come to the hard decision of closing our shop at this time.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to practice responsible social distancing while providing our nails, waxing and eyelash services.  In the interest of our customers and staff health, we think it is best that we cease operations until the pandemic subsides.

Please keep following our page as we may plan to re-open once conditions improve.  Thank you very much for your support through the years.  Please stay safe and best of luck to you in these trying times.

Best regards,

The Heavenly Nails Team



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