Top 3 Reasons Male Waxing Trend are on The Rise

Women have taken advantage of waxing to remove unwanted hair on different areas of their body and prevent it from coming back for several weeks. Today, more men are beginning to try the same trend and are quickly learning the benefits that it offers when grooming themselves. There are a few top reasons males are scheduling appointments to remove the hair and are including it in their routine.

Top Reasons More Males Want Waxed Skin

1. Spouses Prefer Hairlessness

One of the main reasons men are choosing to wax is because their spouses prefer it and enjoy the look that it creates. Many women enjoy having a man with a hairless chest or back, which can be difficult to shave or trim on a daily basis. With this specific hair removal method, men can take off their shirt or have hairless feet for several weeks and enjoy the smooth surface of their skin after it’s waxed.

2. More Hygenic

Waxed skin is considered to be more hygienic compared to shaving, which can allow men to feel cleaner throughout the day and even develop fewer odors as they exercise or sweat. Without any hair present on the body, less dirt and oil is prone to accumulating, which is why more men are willing to use wax strips to remove hair on different areas of their body. Becoming more hygienic also means having to bathe or shower less often and can allow the individual to feel cleaner throughout the day.

3. Personal Preference

Many men simply prefer the look and feel of waxed skin, which can boost their confidence and offer more comfort as they perform different types of activities. During the warmer months of the year, men can feel cooler with less hair present on their chest, legs, or back. They can also have a better experience spending time swimming and participating in water activities if their skin is smooth.

Popular Areas to Wax

1. Shoulder and Back

The shoulders and back are one of the most common areas where men remove their hair, whether they have a few stray hairs or a coat. Most men are prone to growing patches of hair on these areas, which can affect the confidence of the man as they begin to wear sleeveless shirts more often.

2. Midsection and Chest

Hair growth is extremely common on the midsection and chest for men, which can make them want to keep their shirt on while spending time by the pool or at the beach. A waxing session can be a viable solution that makes it easier to show off a bit of skin without feeling insecure about unwanted hair that is present on the body.

3. Legs

Some men also prefer to remove hair on their legs because the hair can cover up their toned muscles and the definition in their calves or thighs. Whether for cosmetic or comfort purposes, hair removal on the legs will offer a bit of convenience and can change men’s look as they spend time at the gym or wear shorts outside.

4. Private Area

Although many women take advantage of Brazilian waxing to remove hair on the private area, more men are resorting to the hair removal method to create a flawless look. They can feel confident when spending intimate time with their spouse and won’t have to worry about continually grooming the area each week because the hair will grow back slower when it’s removed at the root.

With this hair removal method on the rise for men, it’s becoming less of a stigma and isn’t only reserved for women. Men can enjoy having smoother skin that is flawless and feels more comfortable to ensure they can show off their bodies, whether they’re spending time outdoors or are in the comfort of their home. In Chiang Mai, Heavenly Nails is one of the top rated Salon which offer the professional service for both male and female waxing. If you are looking for the place to enjoy and party, here is the list.

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