Nails Fashion in 2018

When it comes to looking your best and feeling confident, self-care is essential as you maintain a beauty routine. Caring for your nails not only allows you to express yourself, but it’s a way of keeping up with the latest trends. If you want to keep up with the latest fashion looks for your nails in 2018, there are a few nail fashion trends to embrace.

Kiwi Nails

Create a Message on Your Nails

Instead of flowers or rhinestones that have commonly been used on nails in past years, more people are embracing letters that can be applied. The letters can be painted on or added with decals to communicate a specific message or phrase. Letters on nails are not only edgy but can allow you to feel youthful and draw more attention to your hands. Different fonts can be used depending on your style, whether you want to choose Helvetica or Old English.

Keep the base of your nails simple with a neutral color shade that is applied to ensure that the letters are visible and stand out.


You can embrace glitter on your nails in 2018 for a glam touch that is fun and chic. As one of the latest nail trends, glittery nails has recently been seen on the runway by Tom Ford and Francesco Scognamiglio and can look modern with silver or bronze glitter that is used. Apply the glitter in excess or sparingly onto the nail polish with a clear coat on top.

Marble Nails

As one of the latest materials to be used on phone cases and countertops, marble can now be displayed on your nails for a creative look that is upscale and luxe. Marble nails are created with the use of water by mixing different polishes in a bowl with contrasting color shades. By dipping the finger into the polish once the colors blend, the pattern will immediately transfer. Wipe away the excess paint off of the skin with nail polish remover or water to create a clean and finished look.

Sealing the design with a top coat will allow it to last longer and look glossy.

Matte Black

If you want to add a bit of edge to your attire or look, consider painting your nails matte black. The look is more subtle than glossy black polish due to a top coat that allows the paint to look dull instead of shiny.

Nail Art

When it comes to nail fashion, nail art that includes an outline or subtle details is increasing in popularity. The nail art has become more minimal but is still trendy and fun. You can use a small brush or a toothpick to create the nail art shapes and lines when you’re feeling creative.

Blocked-off nails are also included in the nail art trend and reach halfway up the nails, which look bold but are still minimal. You can create the look by adding tape on the upper portion of your nails before applying the polish to the bottom portion.

polka dot nails art

Classic Red

Classic red nail polish is making a comeback for its bold color shade that nods to the ’90s and makes a statement. As one of the latest nail trends, it’s easy to wear in each season and will match with different types of styles or color shades in your wardrobe.

Rocking the latest nail fashion looks can allow you to have fun with your fingernails and have a complete look. You can express yourself by experimenting with the top designs or color shades that are popular for the year.