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Heavenly Nails offers a wide array of nail care services.  We use high quality branded products and our highly skilled nail technicians and artists aim to provide excellent services and a relaxing experience.

Nail Color & Gel Polish

Why Get Your Nails Painted?
Painting your nails is a great way to express your individuality and sense of style.  It’s less much less expensive than upgrading your wardrobe.

Heavenly Nails offers a variety of nail coloring services including regular nail polish, gel polish, nail art and gel extensions.  We have a full range of colors to choose from and we use non-toxic polishes from ONS, safe for pregnant women and children. We also offer some select colors from Chanel.


We use state of the art UV light machines to help cure gel nails quickly and extend the life of your polish.  Our UV lamps will not harm your eyes or darken your skin.

Regular polish lasts up to one week and gel polish will last up to two weeks.  It’s a good idea to come by for a touch up after a while to keep your polish vibrant and new.

Nail Designs

Our skilled beauticians are able to provide single colors, french tip painting, as well as nail art including glitter, marble nails, drawings, etc…

The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails. – Tammy Taylor


French tips are a chic, classic style with nude polish applied to the entire nail along with a strip of white varnish along the tip of the nails.  Marble nails are an fast growing trend around the world where nail designs are inspired sophistication and elegance of marble surfaces.  Glitter nails designs catch the light and help your nails sparkly and shine.

Please see our galleries for inspiration from our talented nail artists for your next appointment.

Nail Color Menu

Here is a full list of nail coloring services and prices.  Please come for a visit and let our friendly nail artists take good care of you.


 Price (Thai Baht)
Nail Polish Hands150
Nail Polish Feet200
Nail Polish Hands and Feet300
Gel Polish Hands300
Gel Polish Feet350
Gel Polish Hands and Feet600
Nail Art Hands500
Nail Art Feet500
Nail Art Hands and Feet900
Gel Extension & Color1500
PVC Extension & Color650

Manicure & Pedicure

Why Get a Manicure or Pedicure?
Getting a mani pedi is a fantastic way of getting some quality “me” time.  It helps clean and maintain healthy nails and relax your tired hands and feet.

2 Girls getting mani pedi at heavenly nails

Manicures and pedicures are not only great for vacations, weddings and other special occasions, but can be a nice ritual to help you find some solace during a busy work week.

There’s nothing a fresh manicure can’t fix.

Whether you have medium or long nails, we recommend getting a mani pedi every two weeks or so.

Mani Pedi Procedure

All mani pedi treatments at Heavenly Nails follow a detailed 3 step process.

We begin by cleaning the the hands and feet with water and spa salts and removing any existing nail polish.

Fingernail Soak

Lastly we buff and polish the nails to remove any ridges and polish for a natural radiant shine.

Finger Nail Filing

Mani Pedi Menu

Here is a full list of our manicure and pedicure services and prices.

ServicePrice (Thai Baht)
Classic Manicure250
Classic Pedicure300
Classic Manicure & Pedicure500

It’s also only 100 baht to add regular nail polish and 150 baht to add gel polish.


Hand and Foot Spa

Why Get a Hand and Foot Spa Treatment?
There are many benefits to spa treatments beyond skin cleaning and relaxation.  This includes better circulation and digestion, relief of stress and arthritic pain, and detoxification.

Girl's Feet with Spa Dishes at Heavenly Nails

We recommend treating yourself to a hand and foot spa at least once a month.  Note that a spa treatments includes cleaning, shaping and filing from a manicure / pedicure and can substitute for one of your regular mani pedi appointments.

Great skin doesn’t happen by chance.  It happens by appointment at the spa.

Please keep in mind that spa treatment take a couple hours.  It’s best to block out the time on your schedule so you can fully enjoy your relax time.

Spa Procedure

Heavenly Nails’ spa treatments follow a luxurious and meticulous 7 step procedure.

We begin by soaking your hands and feet in a bowl of warm water with pedicure solution that cleanses, soften and conditions your skin.

Girl getting Foot Spa

We apply non-allergenic moisturizer to the hand and feet to leave them smelling sweet and feeling soft.  The fast absorbing moisturizer contains botanical extracts and super emollients.

Girl getting spa moisturizer

We cover the hands and feet with a moisturizing mask and wrap to help your skin absorb the cream.  This is a relaxing pampering treatment which cools and revitalizes your body.  We wait about 15 minutes before removing the mask and wiping off any excess with a towel.

Girl getting foot spa leg mask

Lastly we clip, buff and polish the nails to remove any ridges and polish for a natural radiant shine.

Hand Foot Spa Menu

Here is a full list of hand and foot spa services and prices.

ServicePrice (Thai Baht)
Hand Spa with Classic Manicure450
Foot Spa with Classic Pedicure500
Hand and Foot Spa with Manicure & Pedicure900

It’s also only 100 baht to add regular nail polish and 150 baht to add gel polish.


Foot Scrub

Why Get a Foot Scrub?
Getting a foot scrub is a great way of keeping your feet smooth and clean. It gives you most of the benefits of a pedicure but with far less time spent.  Foot scrub treatments only take 15 minutes on average.

Foot Scrub Procedure

Foot scrubs at Heavenly Nails follow a 4 step process.

We begin by cleaning the feet with water and spa salts. The aroma from the spa salts helps you relax as well.
We use scrubber to manually remove the dry and dead skin so your feet will feel soft and new.
Lastly, we apply moisturizing lotion and provide a short foot massage to relax you foot muscles.

Foot Scrub Menu

Here is a full list of foot scrub services and prices.

ServicePrice (Thai Baht)
Foot Scrub199

Nail Polish Removal

Why should I get nail polished removed at a professional nails salon?
While removing nail polish might seem like something you can do easily yourself at home to save some cash, doing it wrong can do serious damage to your nails.  DIY solutions usually consist of scrubbing or peeling off gel polish which can also remove the surface of your nails.  Our trained manicurists will carefully file off the top coat of gel polish without touching the nail bed.  They can also identify to right formula to use for your polish, soak for the appropriate period of time and help you moisturize afterwards to keep your cuticles healthy.

Girl in front of look good feel good sign

Please note that if you book our manicure / pedicure or spa services, nail polish removal will already be included in the treatment.

Polish Removal Menu

Here is a full list of nail polish removal services and prices.

ServicePrice (Thai Baht)
Nail Polish Removal50
Gel Color Removal100
Acrylic nails / Gel Extension / Dipping Powder Removal300


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With the COVID 19 pandemic, we’ve come to the hard decision of closing our shop at this time.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to practice responsible social distancing while providing our nails, waxing and eyelash services.  In the interest of our customers and staff health, we think it is best that we cease operations until the pandemic subsides.

Please keep following our page as we may plan to re-open once conditions improve.  Thank you very much for your support through the years.  Please stay safe and best of luck to you in these trying times.

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