Best Nail Polish for Different Skin Tones

Many women enjoy wearing nail polish as a way to enhance their appearance and look more feminine. Although a variety of polish colors are available, they’re not all created equal. If you want to find the best color shade for your skin tone, there are a few important facts to understand before picking up your next bottle of polish.

1. Fair Skin

Those with pale skin benefit from fair color shades like blush and light pink. The natural colors complement those with fair skin because it looks modern and classy. Lavender is an additional color shade ideal for lighter complexions because it has cool undertones. Both color shades are ideal to wear during the spring or summer season and are easy to maintain because any chips or imperfections are less visible.

You can also reach for nude colors if you have pale hands to mimic your natural tone. During the colder months of the year, you can also apply darker color shades and apply a coat of pink on top to make it look more natural.

Additionally, pastel blues, greens, peach, ad beige will all look beautiful if you’re lacking a lot of pigmentation.

2. Medium Skin

Medium skin that tans easily is most complimented by coral color shades because the pop of color has a mix of cool and warm undertones. Peachy pink orange can enhance the color of the skin and allow it to glow.

Light blues, pinks, and purples are also solid choices that will look flattering and can bring more warmth to your skin color. Avoid golds or shades of golds, which will blend in with your skin and can lose their vibrancy once they’re applied.

3. Olive

Olive skin is the most versatile with the different polish colors it benefits from when getting a manicure. Burgundy is a top pick because it allows the nail beds to appear thinner. Bronzed complexions will look even more beautiful with hot pink color shades for a flash of bright that adds plenty of contrast.

Those with olive skin tones should avoid colors like yellows and army greens, but any other color available will look chic. Deep red or burgundy is also a bold color choice that is ideal in the fall and winter seasons. The wine-toned tint of the color brings out the depths of the olive tones of the skin. Additionally, those who want to choose a bold color shade can also opt for bronze or metallic gold, which is classy and regal.


4. Deep Skin Tones

Darker skin colors can opt for mint colors, which creates the illusion of younger hands. Similar to coral, peach seems to pop on darker complexions with the contract that is created. It makes for the perfect mix of orange and pink hues with warm undertones that look youthful and vibrant.

Yellow is an additional color to consider applying the next time you’re at the salon because it will stand out against the dark skin.

When it comes to finding the right polish for your skin tone and color shade, following a helpful guide can allow you to draw more attention to your fingers. Knowing what color shades are most complementing will allow you to feel confident with your nails and enhance your appearance.